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The following is a list of links that we highly recommend!

Catholic Church in America
The Catholic Church in America is our mother church. It is an association of Catholic parishes that are not under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.
Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira
This is the church founded by the late Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, the late Roman Catholic Bishop of Botucatu, Brazil. Bishop Duarte Costa left the authority of Rome to found the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil, and would consecrate and send Stephen Corradi-Scarella to the United States. Clergy in the Catholic Church in America derive their Holy Orders from Bishop Corradi-Scarella, meaning we validly function as an independent Catholic church. We continue to maintain close relations with the 3-million member strong church of origin in Brazil. This web site is in Portuguese.
National Catholic Church of North America
This is one of our sister churches with parishes located throughout Florida.


Daily Scripture Readings
Keep up on the day's readings, from home.
Catholic Calendar
A listing of all the feast days in the Church, including daily liturgical colors.
A link to the Taize' religious community.

Cyber Hymnal
Hundreds of hymns, online.
Driving Directions to Saint Clare Catholic Community
Use this link to get printable point-to-point driving directions to Saint Clare Catholic Community! Just enter your starting address.
Internet Franciscan Fraternity
It is a virtual fraternity. Its aim is to be a meeting point for everyone that loves the vision of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. So... if you love God, His creatures, the peace... if you love the poor and weak people of any race, language, religion, nationality, political ideas... if you love the prayer and the contemplation... you can join this organization in the first Internet Franciscan Fraternity.